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Here is a chronology of Facebook Anonymous Responses
 to date:

-22-11 ~  From snowy Colorado A.S. e-mail: “During January I would like to help
 you set up an “organization” facebook page for Studied Bible
( if you are interested. It would be a great way to post
 Bible study tips.”
1-24-12 ~ Commenting on the new research site:
“A.S wrote the first entry: “This is worth reading.”  (Ill)
7-24-12 ~ “A.W. likes “Study Bibles 4 Dummies.” (Ill)
7-25-12 ~ “Subject: 7-25-12 ~ C. A. J. – FB ~ “I'm on FB, but don't go there often.
Mostly the boys and their wives post pics of the kids.  But I can try to find you
 there. Thanks for the example picture and the name Study Bible for Dummies.”

12-29-12 ~  V.T. ~ “I just read the description and it looks like a great way to
research study Bibles with understanding. I'm excited to learn more... Simple strategies... (AZ)

1-22-13 ~ B. S. ~ “Bill wrote: "I hear people all the time saying 'I wish life
 had an instruction manual'! What studying Gods Word does for me is ---
 it gives me that instruction manual with the added bonus of eternal
life through Christ!" (NEBR)

1-23-13 ~ B.S. ~ “You have my permission vvr. After all you were instrumental in
my early walk with Christ! I will go to the website later!  Via mobile. (NEBR)

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2013 A True Story Of A Pastor's Bible Research Discipleship

The special ministry of a pastor’s discipleship

               By:  An Anonymous Iowa Pastor

    In 1974 the pastor of First Baptist Church in Keokuk, Iowa took an interest
in a well known man in the community, who had recently come to Jesus for salvation. 
The man was nearly 30 years old, from a Roman Catholic background and attended
a very formal, non-Bible preaching church.
    The pastor, like many people in the area, had noticed a change in that man,
because he was a radio personality and that change was being shared over the air,
not intentionally but naturally. 
    The new Christian didn’t know why, but he welcomed Pastor Reeve’s seeking out
a friendship, and the two became good friends.  The pastor invested his time, taking
interest in the man’s work and life.  They traveled together, had meals together and
all the time the pastor taught the new believer.  For five years, before the pastor left
for a new assignment, the two men were close. 
    The new believer came to realize he needed to be in a Bible preaching, soul-winning
church, and moved, but not to First Baptist.  My pastor friend never said a negative
word, and never put pressure on his friend to join the church he served. Early in that
time the pastor taught the new believer the importance of Bible study and memorizing
    And one day while the man was visiting in the pastor’s study, the pastor said, “You
 need to pray; surrendering to God, telling Him you’ll do whatever He asks.”  The man
thought that that sounded okay, so he got on his knees next to the pastor’s desk and,
out loud, prayed that prayer.
    Within the week the pastor contacted the broadcaster and asked him to give a public
invitation at an evangelistic effort in town.  The man balked. The  pastor said, “Do you
remember the prayer you prayed in my study?” 

    Several other things came up, like counseling people wanting to accept Jesus, and
every time the man hesitated the pastor would say, “Do you remember that prayer you
prayed in my study?” 

     One day another pastor in town went to the radio broadcaster and asked him to
actually fill the pulpit and preach at his church while he was on vacation.  It didn’t take
 the man fifteen minutes to arrive at the pastor friend’s study, --- scared to death,
to ask what he should do.  He said, “Do you remember the prayer…”
    “BUT,” the young believer interrupted, “this man wants me to PREACH!  I can’t preach!”
    “Do you remember the prayer….”
    “NO, NO, NO!  That was okay for some stuff, but not this.  I can’t preach!”
     “Do you remember the prayer you prayed in my study?  Yes, you can do this,
because it is not you.  You told Jesus you would do whatever He asked you to do,
and He is now asking you to fill that pulpit.  He will handle it through you.” 

      In slowly surrendering to this challenge the man asked, “Okay, then what should
 I preach?”  He was asking for a subject or an idea. 
But the pastor, in his wisdom said, “The Bible.  People need to hear the Word of God.
They don’t need your thoughts or ideas.  They don’t need the most recent headlines. 
They need to hear directly from God in His Word.  Preach the Bible.”
     So, in a bit more than three years after I was saved, I stood in a pulpit with my
Bible opened to Romans 12, and preached my very first sermon. 
And the Lord did what the pastor said He would do.  I wasn’t afraid.  I was very
nervous, but that was good.  And God worked. 

     After my pastor friend left Keokuk another pastor, Angus McDonald challenged
me to enter the ministry as an evangelist.  And while I resisted, I could never shake
hearing my pastor friend say, “Do you remember the prayer?” 
Angus’ words were, “Look Mike, you have a talent.  The only question is; are you
 going to use it... or bury it?” 

      So with no formal education I became an evangelist.  God put other pastors
in my life to teach and guide me.  Now, as an evangelist, and in my thirtieth year
as a pastor, when a test comes, I can still hear my Pastor friend asking:  “Do you
remember the prayer?” 

     Fellow  Pastors, if God gives you a chance to disciple a new believer, do it. 
The impact God can have on that man through you is unlimited.  I know from
firsthand experience.

Virgil Reeve’s Postscript
: This story is clear evidence that an average
person can take  Bible research seriously and become a disciple of Jesus
Christ with the five qualities that are defined on the “Home” page of
our website.

                                  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Additional Research Study Contents Menu:
                     [1]  Researching Study Bibles" Website Visitor Endorsements
                     [2] Poetic Admonition: "The Bible Through!"
                     [3] Inspiring Stories of Bible Reading Achievements                    
                     [4] An Amazing Bible Reading History Record
                     [5] Studied Study Bible Reading & Research Success Stories

                     [6] An Inspiring Classic Personal "Studied Study Bible Story"
                     [7] Author’s Personal Bible Reading History   (Up-dated 9-29-11)
                     [8] Bible Reader Story Questionnaire for Volunteers
                     [9] Satire From A Bible’s Point-Of View
                     [10] Bible Reader’s Interest Quest Questionnaire (Share Your Story!

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Bible Reader "Researching Feedback" Introduction

Only after we are in the eternal presence of Jesus Christ, the ultimate Judge
and "the Living Word," will we really know the truth about how important
the "Written Word of God" was in our world, in our Christian communities,
and in our own personal and very private lives. 

We will all probably be amazed to discover that "the world's best seller"
is probably also "the world's least read book" in history. 

& Who do you know that had read the Bible all the way through? 
&   Who of us have read the Bible as much and as often as we would like? 
&   If the Bible is the least read in our own personal lives, how embarrassed will we
 all be in heaven to stand face-to-face with the "Master Teacher" and then have
 to give an  account for how little or much of the Bible was applied with
life-changing results?  
&  How Christ-like have we become by using God's Word?

Hopefully this series of articles will provide a stimulus to add to our interest
 in reading, studying, researching, and applying the truths of God's Word in
ways that might not otherwise happen.  You may be challenged, or you might
 even be "turned off" by some of what might be considered controversial
in the content.  Listen to the Holy Spirit with the Scripture that is quoted
--- that is the most important part.  The other ideas may or may not have value for you.

Probably the most awesome challenge in this material will occur at the end with
the "Bible Reader 'I.Q.' Test!"  Few people like to be tested.  For those who
dare to give it a try, you may want to take it now and then in a few months for
a second time  to see what difference reading and researching God's
Word can make in our lives over time.  Welcome aboard!

           & & & & &

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[1]  "Researching Study Bibles" ~ Website Visitor Endorsements

Retired Baptist Pastor - Rochester, MN.  After reviewing our 1010 "proof copy"
of our e-mailed website this pastor friend replied:

+ "Virgil, I looked at the web-page(revised) for your Bible Study Research Course
and it was done very well...precise and well organized to catch the eye and
understand how to proceed into the material for the logical mind.
+ It will be a great introduction to your passion and purpose to have everyone
study the scriptures with meaning and application with understanding."

Rockford, IL. Businessman  ~  "Pastor Reeve, Just reviewed your new website
(First Preview Copy) It is fantastic!  Congratulations on this latest acomplishment
and all glory goes to the Lord. 

It is fantastic! Congratulations on this latest accomplishment and all Glory
goes to the Lord.  I pray that many will embrace this wonderful tool designed
to motivate and excite Christians to become knowledgeable in handling the Word.  
May the Lord help you in this great and important work."
                                            [NOTE:  As pf 9-26-13 the website has had 17,277 visits.]

2013, September:  In a recentphone conversation this businessman is
retired at age 60 and is currently serving as an assistant in the ministry of his
local church --- using, in his words,  "the next ten years to serve God full time.
As his pastor in his youth I thank God that he is "retiring to the glory of God"
  1 Corinthians 10:31

Ohio Retired High School Teacher & Lay Pastor (First Preview Copy)
"The site looks great; it is a whole lot "cleaner" if you know what I mean. I mentioned
a long time ago about staying with one or two type faces (fonts). … I am sure that lives
 are being changed and enriched because of your faithfulness. You need a video on
Youtube to draw some attention to your site."

University of Alabama Graduate Student
After a brief review of the 2010 website my great nephew wrote: "Dear Uncle Virgil,
… Thank you for taking the time to send me the link to your new website. I've not
 yet had the opportunity to explore it thoroughly, but just a cursory glance made
it apparent that you have invested much time and energy to its creation.
 I look forward to reading through it in its entirety."
Later after a careful review he added some suggested revisions for the "Home"
page and then added: "The background template looks very nice. It gives the
webpage a "professional" feel. ... As for content, I think it’s great. The site
conveys your message to your target audience in a clear and concise manner.
I would hope that every new believer developing an interest in studying God’s
Word would see your site before they’ve made the mistake of buying
a Bible without footnotes."
Still later after added revisions of the web site he added this observation:
 “I think the website looks great. I like all of the aesthetic changes
you made; It makes the text much easier to read. I enjoyed the 'Quotable
Quotes' page, even if it stepped on my toes a bit. Too often, I read my
Bible for the wrong reasons."

College Church, Wheaton, IL. Staff Member & Librarian
  • Wow. It’s beautiful! .... I passed it on to my Bible loving friends and told them
  •  to do the same. ...
  • Amazing amount of work in there.
  • LOVE your web site. I might even promote it on Facebook!

Keokuk Iowa, Music Teacher & Church Organist

  • Wow! Your website upgrade has leaped several light years beyond.
  • Your friends' efforts have made it very user friendly and inviting.
  • I could spend decades tooling around the site and never study it all.
  • Thanks for sharing your creative and God inspired work.
  • 2-14-11 Update: “Thanks for sharing all this info.  Isn't it great to be able
     to organize so much information and  reach out and help people you would
    never have had contact with without the internet?  Wouldn't the Bible heroes
     of the past have given  life and limb to have access to such resources!?

11-17-10 ~  California Ministerial Colleque 1990-1995

Thanks for asking, Virgil.  (I invited suggestions about improving the website),    
  • No, I have no suggestions (to add to the website).  All the work you do on the
     studied Bible looks great to me. 

11-17-10  ~  Bible Study Fellowship Friend of 2010

  • As I read this, I first need to say it is awesome, nice job.  To God give the glory
     and thank you for your obedience. 
  • After reading the first option, I was convicted that my studying is far short of
    even your first option (Ideas for using a Bible without helps).  But I also am a work in progress.

11-17-10 ~  Neighboring Ohio Pastor 1996-2003

Hi Virgil,  I did a "10 second drill" on your site and think it is very attractive.

  • Good layout. Nice graphics.
  • It looks like something for "serious" people who have a desire to know the Bible
     and need a good guide. …
  • Keep at it.  You are polishing a diamond here and I think it looks and sound better
    all the time.
  • This can be helpful to many people God is motivating to look deeper into His Word
     with the kind of great helps you have so well developed. 
    That is my two cents worth.

11-18-10 ~ Retired Pastor and Denominational Executive

  • What you are doing on your web site with How to Study the Bible is very
     relevant for the average lay person.  They would be greatly benefited.  
  • The more people, both Christian as well as those not yet saved, we can
    get into a serious study of The Word, the better they will be, the better the
    local church will be and the greater our world will be.  
  • In this very difficult and challenging time in our world’s history, the answers
    to our questions and problems continue to be revealed in His Word...
    to those who study, learn and apply.
11-20-10  Berwyn, IL, Homemaker & Bible Teacher

    Virgil.. Your website is awesome! 

  • I find it easy to navigate around, and the directions are clear and precise. 
  • I have several Study Bibles and daily feast on the Word as my new schedule

11-20-10   Winfield, IL  Treasured website friend’s input from our first e-mail

  • I LIKE the new "abbreviated" format. 
  • It is concise, to the point and will more likely be read. 
  • As long as the font is the same on the entire page it will be more appealing.
  • Good job!! 

 11-27-10 College Church - Wheaton, IL Homaker & Bible Study Course Author:

  • I have just spent some time going through your wonderful new website.
     It is a huge accomplishment and seems to me to be really needed!!  
  • Concerning the layout,  it's well organized and  easily followed.
  • It seems like a lot of women I've been in Bible study with (as well as
    some published women's Bible studies) want us to read the Bible and
    apply it to our own personal lives, without first asking what the text

    +  They want to ask, "What is God saying to ME through this passage?" 
    without asking with the author intended to say or looking at the

    or reading any outside commentaries.   
  •  I love the way you link over and over the "study" of the Bible with
    the personal aspect (which some people don't see).
  •  Also, you make the "study" part seem fun, not onerous, by showing
     us the wealth of information most Christians already possess in the
     study Bibles that they already own.
    Thanks so much for sharing your new website with us!  
    I think it could really help a lot of people.
    9-29-11 Berwyn, Illinois Policeman's Homemaker & Mother -
          Enthusiastic, Gifted, & Stimulating Bible Teacher.
  • "I have begun a ritual (in the morning) as time allows and have started in the
    Gospel of John.
  •  I read one chapter in 7 versions (out loud to myself).
  • Then I go back and read various study notes & data and take notes.
  • Then I meditate on one main verse for memory work.
  • I pray for the Holy Spirit to open my eyes that I may behold WONDERFUL things
     from God's law!!!)                                                                                                                  
    I had no idea the NLT had a parallel version! I am doing my Bible research the
     old-fashioned way: BIG TABLE with KJV, NKJV, NIV, NAS, NLT, ESV, Amplified,
     Thompson Chain plus a handy Bible Handbook. I am going to order the new
    2011 NLT Parallel study Bible plus the Romans sampler!
    Looks AWESOME! Thank you!

 NOTE: An on-going chronology of new suggestions are being duly recorded,
 dated, and documented as to source (including any"Anonymous" ideas) for
future consideration.  Your positive or constructive criticisms are welcome.

This whole website process for the past four years is what it is because we
 have listened to many friends with helpful criticisms that have been beneficial.
  It is still being up-dated weekly.  It is not a finished work!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[2] A Poetic Admonition



The Bible Through!

Here is a helpful poetic admonition:

"I supposed I KNEW my Bible;
Reading piecemeal, hit or miss;
Now a bit of John or Matthew;
Now a snatch of Genesis!
Certain chapters of Isaiah,
Certain Psalms (the Twenty-Third!)
Twelfth of Romans, First of Proverbs,

Was a different thing to do;
And the way was unfamiliar

We who tend to "PLAY" at Bible,
Dip and dabble, here and there;
Just before we kneel, a-weary,
Yawning through a hurried prayer.

We who treat the
As we treat no other book --
Just a paragraph disjointed,
Just a quick, impatient look!

You will kneel in very rapture
When you've READ


                                      Source Unknown

Postscript: Try doubling your Study Bible research
pleasure by using TWO Study Bibles side-by-side!

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[3] Inspiring Stories About Bible Reading Achievements

These are the inspiring Bible Reading stories that have been shared with
 us to date.
You, too,  are invited to share yours with us for this list anonymously.

2013 - Fremont, Nebraska ~ 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Previous Stories ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1980 – Decatur, Illinois ~ Godly Senior annually read 4 pages a day 76
times since age 9.
 [Read Below!]
1997 - Ashtabula, Ohio ~ A Shut in her 80s had read the Bible through
26 times.
2004 - Fremont, Nebraska ~A trio of ladies at a Study Bible Research
workshop learned for the first time that they had all read the Bible
through thirty times independently over the years.
2006 - Pastor & NBTS Seminary President Bill Myers ~ Annually read
 the Bible in multiple versions over more than thirty-five times several
 years ago and us still reading. [His wife told me in 2013 that she has
 read the Bible through 10 times in recent years.
2010 - Wheaton ~ Retired College Professor completed the Bible more
than 50-55 times.
2010 - Wheaton Lawyer ~ Read the Bible through 40 times since the

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Let us add your joy in Bible Study &
 Research in this section!


                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[4] An Amazing Individual Bible Reading History Record

 I was very excited by this report of woman in our Decatur pastorate who
 almost never missed a service --- Sunday AM & PM and mid-week.
She was quiet, un-assuming, and very sweet-spirited.
While visiting in her home I reluctantly ventured to ask, "Have you
ever read the Bible through
 Immediately she said: "Oh, yes.... every year since I was nine years old."                                   
I was non-plused and in awe. I was also curious to know what the total
was. I responded:
 "I am not in the habit of asking a woman her age,
but I would really like to know how many times you have read the Bible
"Simply and humbly she answered: "Seventy-six!" You do the math!
Is that not an inspiring story? Her Christ-like life and spirit was a
quiet testimony to the impact of  a lifetime of faithful reading of
God's Word. 
I have told this story times without number.
I want to thank her again "W-I-G-T-H!"  (When-I-Get-To-Heaven!)

Any one who feels led to add their Bible reading story to this mostly
anonymous list is welcome!  You can e-mail them to:
        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Your personal Bible Reading story record is welcome so we may add
it to our website in order to inspire others reading this page.
Revelation 1:3 is true no matter how many times it is read.
"God blesses the one who reads the words of this prophecy
to the Church, and He blesses all who listen to its message
and obey what it says, for the time is near.


[5] Studied Study Bible Reading & Research Success Stories

       ~ Personal Story Testimonies Shared ~
    You are invited to share yours, too!
Our hope is that these personal success stories will show how
one's life can be changed by reading deeply and researching "The Word." 
We are especially eager to find specific illustrations of how your life
has been transformed by studying it with a family member or a friend ---
 "doubling your Bible research pleasure." 
Would you not agree that the whole point of Bible reading and application
is to meet Jesus Christ and be transformed in His image? 2 Cor. 3:18

  A Fifty Year Bible Student & Ladies Group Study Leader - Oak Park, IL.
  • "Thank you for introducing me to the New Living Translation Life Application
     Study Bible.
  • I have found it to be priceless. It immediately became a vital part of my
    morning devotions along with my NIV Study Bible which had regularly been
    instrumental in helping each day start in the right direction for me. 
  • I have found that without detracting in any way from Scriptural authority
    this new translation has simplified the meaning of some more obscure verses.
  • It has given a clearer understanding of the true intent of the biblical passage.
  • The notes below have added significantly to the impact of applying in my
    own life the truths revealed.
  • Since receiving my copy, I have enthusiastically recommended it to several
    others who, in turn, have ordered copies and who have expressed
    appreciation likewise for its spiritual enrichment in their lives."

University of Alabama Graduate Student
After a brief review of the 2010 website my great nephew wrote:
"Dear Uncle Virgil, … Thank you for taking the time to send me the link
to your new website.   . . .  Recently, the Spirit has stirred within me a
 passion for reading God's Word. I've known Christ since I was nine years
old, but until now had never devoted any significant time to searching
the Scriptures. I therefore find my discovery of your website evidence
 of God's hand at work. ...
I currently use three study Bibles: The LASB (NLT 96), The Apologetics
Study Bible (HCSB), and The ESV Study Bible. I currently use the ESV as
my go-to Bible (I've come to prefer its more literal translation), but I
regularly consult the other two as well. ... I began using multiple study
Bibles fairly recently. My first study Bible, the LASB, belonged to
"Nonnie" (maternal grandmother) and it was one of her favorites (it is
one of my most treasured possessions). I've used it for quite a few years ."    


[6] An Inspiring Classic Personal "Studied Study

                    Bible Story"

Virginia Retired Nurse & Housewife - Life-long Bible Student
After dinner one evening in our home a 1955 Wheaton College classmate of
Evelyn's shared her Study Bible Story with us. She listened patiently as
 I shared my own personal passion for the LASB-NLT Study Bible.
 Her response was to reply politely:
 "I already enjoy using the NIV Thompson Chain. I will not part with it.
 I do not need another Study Bible. I have worn the covers off and have
 had it re-bound."
After that I simply pointed out that she did not have to give up her favorite
 Study Bible. I expressed appreciation for her fine record of research Bible
history and her obvious devotion to and love for God’s Word. 
                        (Few people ever have to re-bind their Bibles.)
She then agreed to hear my "sales pitch" about the seven research features
 of the LASB. I encouraged her to "Double Her Study Bible Pleasure"
by using TWO study Bibles. "No two Study Bibles are alike. 
Each one has a unique contribution to our Bible research
," I assured her.

Sometime after she returned to her Virginia home she reported that
she had purchased the LASB and was enjoying using it side-by-side with
her Thompson Chain NIV. As years passed she found that she was
making copies of LASB charts and inserting them into the pages of
 her NIV Study Bible.

On July 13, 2010 she sent this note: "Thought of you both this morning as
 I was reading the Tyndale Bible Virgil recommended. I'm using it solely now.
 It is soooooo clear."
When I asked her to share her "STUDIED STUDY BIBLE STORY" here is
what she said:

"My cardboard-back LASB - NLT I gave away January of 2010, having
bought on sale my bonded leather LASB-NLT in September 2009.
I'm using it every day, often with my NIV, but more often alone.
· My learning is best through pictures in my mind, and the NLT is
soooo vivid, the scripture stays in my mind longer because I can so
often see it.
· I have put homemade tabs on Bible pages designating Names of God,
Master Index, Index to Personality Profiles, Index to Charts and Index
 to Maps by Book. I use them at least three times a week because I can
get to them quickly. May have to replace them soon, but I'm careful.
· Time lines are great! I write them in at the top of the page at the
beginning of each book (what was happening in the rest of the world
when that book was written.)
· Authorship and when written information is all included in the LASB
and I can visualize Jeremiah and Amos and the rest (just wish I could
remember all that I have read).
· Your LASB explanations and teachings that you glued into the front
and back of my Bible I have read, and used partially. Placing the
hand-made indexing in my Bible has given me more freedom in looking
 things up.
· Much of what I have read seems to be wonderful ideas for pastors
 to use for sermons.
· As far as I'm concerned ALL pastors should thoroughly absorb what
you have accumulated and made available on the internet. It is a wealth
for pastors who have run dry.
What more can I say than I'll be eternally grateful for the NLT for
the simplicity and profoundness of it, plus the LASB (with Bible
Indexing that I have incorporated with my "tabs").  
So...........that's all folks!

She concluded by saying about including her story on my website:
You are welcome to use whatever you like. Asking the Holy Spirit to
reveal the written word in my heart and life is the most important


[7] Author & Editor's Personal Bible Research History

You may want to ask this author this very fair question: ...


   Answer:   In addition to my weekly study for  two sermons on Sunday and
mid-week group Bible study for over 40 years, here is my personal record.

& & & & ~   Four times through the Bible.  
1. In 1955 my first time through was as a required reading assignment for a Moody
Bible Institute Bible synthesis course using my Scofield Reference Bible -- KJV.
2. In 1961-1962 for a Northern Baptist Seminary Bibles Survey Course our required
reading assignment called for us to use the Revised Standard Version. 
3. The third time was in our "Through the Bible" study series where I preached
a sermon from each of the Bible books at Decatur, IL – 1982-3 using the Good News
 Bible as they congregation read along with me.  
4. The fourth reading was in 1992 in a Chinese church pastorate.  We used the
NIVSB with the motto: "The Bible Thru In '92!" and we preached a single sermon
from a key chapter or passage chosen from the Bible book of the week. 
At the same time I led a separate midweek overview study of the Bible book
that the people had read with me that week.
In Fremont, NE – 1984-5 we completed much of the Old Testament using 
The Open Bible in the New King James Version.  

& Over the past 60 years we have personally used 7 Study Bibles in 7 different
 versions.  Now our Study Bible shelf holds over 20 different Study Bibles that
are just to the left of my computer.  Fifteen years ago in October of 1996 I began
using the New Living Translation LASB until the 2004 edition became available. 
To date it is my favorite "go to Bible" that I use with my handy trim-line NLT
"go-for" cross referencing Bible.  My 2011 library desk has 8 of my favorite Study
Bibles --- all published since 2000.  In 2011 I have added the ESV Student's Study
 Bible, and my new favorite NLT Parallel Study Bible that condenses the Life
Application Study Bible and the New Living Translation Study Bible into one. 
The Parallel Study Bible is my portable RESEARCH BIBLE to take to church and
study groups.  In 2013 I secured the Chronological Life Application Study Bible
 and am learning to use it along side my NLT Life Application Study Bible.

You may also be inclined to ask: "Are you bragging or complaining?"

My answer a firm, "NEITHER!"
I just wish I could go back to 1952 when I bought my first Scofield Reference
Bible. I can only imagine what difference it would have made if I had had the
 NLT-LASB along with the NIVSB which have an everyday vocabulary with
 which to "Double My Study Bible Research Pleasure."

Probably many faithful Bible readers are somewhat shy about what they
 may consider to be  "bragging" if they talk about their Bible reading
or research history. 
The Bible says: "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!"  (Psalm 107:2)   
I, personally, am and have always been very INSPIRED by these kinds
 of testimonies. I feel sure that many others will also be encouraged and
inspired by examples of Bible Reading Success. 
I encourage you to prayerfully submit YOUR STORY!

[8] Bible Reader Story Questionnaire (Volunteer Anyone?)

Let us include YOUR own story for "the rest" of this "Successful
Study Bible Research Story
" series on this webpage!

You can e-mail YOUR STORY to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Every story about reading God's Word, no matter how few times
 or how many, has value, especially when our reading and research
results in changed lives and produces Christ-like Character. 
Your own "Story" will bring blessing to someone of like experience
or interests.

Name (optional) _______________________________ This is mainly for your benefit!


Age Group: ___ Child, __ Youth; __ Collegian; __ Young Adult; __ Mature Adult;
 __ Senior Adult.

Bible Study Experience: ___ Beginner; __ 1-5 years; __6-10 years; 11-15 years;
 __ Other: _____

Study Bible Owner Since 19__ or 20___ totaling _____ number of years;

Study Bibles purchased. ( Please put the "Year" in front of any Study Bibles
you already own!)

The most common Study Bibles are listed in order of publication dates:
______ Scofield Reference Bible 1909 in its 1945 edition;
              (Your edition?_____________________________________)
______ Thompson Chain Reference Bible 1964 edition,
______ The New Scofield Reference Bible 1967;
______ The Ryrie Study Bible 1976;
______ The Open Bible Study New King James Editions 1983 or 1995;
______ New International Version Study Bibles: _____1985 NIVSB edition;
____ 1995 NIVSB edition; ____ 2002 NIVSB edition; _____ 2006 Today’s NIVSB;
______ Life Application Study Bible Editions: ____ Living Bible 1987,
____ New Living Translation 1996; ____ NLT 2004; _____ NIV 1997; 
Others: _____ __________________________________________________

 Feel free to write out your own account of how you started reading a Bible
regularly.  If you use a Study Bible, how has it changed your Bible reading
and research habits and your walk with God?   We look forward to
YOUR STORY for the encouragement and inspiration we all need in our
spiritual pilgrimage


[9] Satire from a Bible's Point-of-View

        &  Diary Of A Bible   &

JANUARY:  A busy time for me. Most of the family decided to read me
 through this year. They kept me busy for the first two weeks, but
they have forgotten me now.

FEBRUARY: Clean-up time. I was dusted yesterday and put in my place.
My owner did use me for a few minutes last week. He had been in an
argument and was looking up some references to prove he was right.

MARCH: Had a busy day first of the month. My owner was elected
president of the PTA & used me to prepare a speech.

APRIL: Grandpa visited us this month. He kept me on his lap for an
hour reading from 1 Peter 5:5-7. He seems to think more of me than
 do some people in my own household.

MAY: I have a few green stains on my pages. Some spring flowers
were pressed in my pages.

JUNE: I look like a scrapbook. They have stuffed me full of newspaper
 clippings - one of the girls got married.

JULY: They put me in a suitcase today. I guess we are off on vacation.
I wish I could stay home; I know I'll be closed up in this thing for at
 least two weeks.

AUGUST: Still in the suitcase.

SEPTEMBER: Back home at last and in my old familiar place. I have a
lot of company. Two women's magazines and four comic books are
stacked on top of me. I wish I could be read as much as they are.

OCTOBER: They read me a little bit today. One of them is very sick.
Right now I am sitting in the center of the coffee table. I think the
Pastor is coming by for a visit.

NOVEMBER: Back in my old place. Somebody asked today if I were
 a scrapbook.

DECEMBER: The family is busy getting ready for the holidays.
 I guess I'll be covered up under wrapping paper & packages again..
.just as I am every Christmas.
                                                    ---Author Unknown


[10]   Bible Reader "I.Q." ~ (Interest Quest)

    Your "Research ‘I.Q.’ Questionnaire ~ A Challenge!

Which of the following have you already accomplished?
               (Place the number of times in the blanks before the choices.)
__ Memorized the Books of the Bible: __ Old Testament; __ New Testament
READ THROUGH: __ The Gospels; __ New Testament; __ Psalms & Proverbs;
 __ Old Testament. ___ Different Versions: __ KJV; __ NKJV; __ NIV;
 __ LB; __ NLT; __ One Year Bible; __ Chronological Bible;
      OTHER: ______________________________________________

MEMORIZED KEY CHAPTERS: __ Psalm 1; __8; __ 23; __ 51; __ 100;
 __ 139; __ Matthew 5; __ John 1; __ John 3; __ John 14; __ John 17; 1 Corinthians 13

MEMORIZED SELECTED VERSES: (** Priority Verses ~ Choose 5 or 10

__** Exodus 20:1-17+; __2 Chronicles 7:14; __** Psalm 1; **__ Psalm 23;
 __ Psalm 38:1-22; __ ** Psalm 51:1-17; __ Psalm 100 – (The Doxology);
 __** Psalm 121; __** Psalm 139:1-10, 23, 24; __ Isaiah 55:6-11;
 __ * Matthew 5:1-16; __ **Matthew 6:9-13 (Lord’s Prayer);
__** Matthew 22:34-40; __ ** Matthew 28:16-20; __ * John 1:1-14;
__** John 3:1-21; __ John 14:1-27 (**1-15); __ * John 15:1-17;
__ John 17:1-26; __ Romans 6; __Romans 7; __Acts 1:8; __Acts 16:31;
 __**Romans 8:26-29; __** Romans 12:1-8; __1 Corinthians 1:17-31;
__** 1 Corinthians 13; __2 Corinthians 5:17-20; __*Galatians 2:20;
 __Galatians 5; __**Philippians 2:1-11; __**Philippians 4:4-13, 19;
 __Colossians 1:18; __Colossians 3:16; __**1 Thessalonians 4:13-18;
 __ * 2 Timothy 2:1-16; __**2 Timothy 3:14-17; __*Hebrews 12:1-16;
 __James 1:1-27 (*1-17); __1 Peter 2:11-25; __*1 Peter 3:8-18;
__**2 Peter 1:2-11; __1 John 1; __1 John 4:1-21: __**1 John 5:10-13;
__*Revelation 1: 3; __**Revelation 3:20; __ Revelation 22:12-21.

FAVORITE BOOKS: (Choose Three Favorites) __Genesis; __ Exodus;
 __ Joshua; __Ruth; __ 1 & 2 Samuel; __Ezra; __ Nehemiah; __ Esther;
 __Psalms; __Proverbs; __Isaiah; __ Daniel; __ Matthew; __ Mark; __Luke;
 __John; __Acts; __ Romans; __ Ephesians; __ Philippians; __Hebrews;
 __1 John; __ Revelation.

FAVORITE CHAPTERS: (Choose 5 to 10 Favorites) __Psalm 1; __Psalm 8;
 __Psalm 19; __Psalm 23; __ Psalm 38:1-22; __Psalm 51:1-17;
__ Psalm 100; __Psalm 121; __Psalm 139:1-10, 23, 24; __Psalm 119;
__Psalm 150; __Matthew 5-7; __Matthew 22; __Matthew 28; __ John 1;
__ John 3; __John 14; __John 15; __John 17; __Acts 1-2; __ Romans 6;
 __Romans 7; __Romans 8; __Romans 3; __ Romans 6; __Romans 12;
__1 Corinthians 1; __1 Corinthians 13; __2 Corinthians 5; __Galatians 2;
__Galatians 5; __Philippians 2; __Philippians 4; __Colossians 1; __Colossians 3;
 __1 Thessalonians 4; __2 Timothy 2; __2 Timothy 3; __ 2 Timothy 4;
__Hebrews 12; __James 1; __James 3; __1 Peter 2; __1 Peter 3;
__2 Peter 1; __1 John 1; __1 John 4; __1 John 5; __Revelation 1;
__Revelation 3; __ Revelation 22.

FAVORITE BIBLE CHARACTERS: (Chronological Time List ~ Choose Five Favorites)

__Noah; __Job; __Abraham; __Jacob; __Rachael; __Judah; __Joseph;
 __Moses; __Joshua; __Ruth; __Samuel; __David; __Daniel; __Ezra;
__Esther; __Nehemiah; __Virgin Mary; __John the Baptist; __ Peter;
__James; __John; __Mary & Martha; __Matthew; __ Mary Magdalene;
__Thomas; __Paul; __Luke; __Timothy; __Lydia.

FAVORITE BIBLE TRUTHS: (Alphabetical Topics ~ Choose Five to Ten Favorites)

__Abiding in Christ; __Assurance; __Belief (Faith); __Christ-Likeness;
__Courage; __Endurance (Patience) ; __Eternal/Everlasting Life; __Faithfulness;
__Fear of God; __Fellowship; __Forgiveness; __Fruitfulness; __Gentleness;
 __Gifts; __Glorifying . God; __Godliness; __Goodness; __Grace; __Guidance;
 __Heart; __Heaven; __Holiness; __Honesty; __Humility; __Joy; __Kindness;
 __Knowledge; __Life; __Love; __Marriage; __Meditation; __Narrow Way;
 __New Birth; __Patience; __Peace; __Persecution; __Praise; __Prayer;
__Pride; __Promises; __Redemption; __Repentance; __Resurrection;
__Righteousness; __Salvation; __Satan; __Service; __Self-Denial;
__Sorrow; __Stewardship; __Suffering; __Temptation; __Thanksgiving;
__Tribulation; __Trust; __Truth; __Unity; __Will of God; __Word of God;
__Worship; __Youth.

[Note: The Concordance and Topical Indexes or Charts will be great for
 researching these truths for devotions or to help you in planning personal
enrichment or group studies.]

Admittedly this questionnaire may be a challenge. 
You may not be able to make many entries...YET! 
Do not be discouraged. 
Consider it to be an on-going outline for your future reference
tracking your Bible reading and research ambitions. 

Ask a friend to be your "accountability partner" in the spirit
of Christ's promise of Matthew 18:20! 
"Where two or three are gathered together as my followers,
                   I AM THERE AMONG THEM

© by Virgil Reeve ~ 2010 & 2013.  All rights reserved, but permission is granted
for the free use where Jesus Christ is the Matthew 11:28-30 "Teacher"
and the goal is: "all to the glory of God!"                  1 Corinthians 10:31.


The Bible says: "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!"  (Psalm 107:2)    I, personally,
am and have always been very INSPIRED by these kinds of testimonies. I feel sure
that many others will also be encouraged and inspired by examples of Bible

Reading Success.  I encourage you to prayerfully submit YOUR STORY!




 NOTE: An on-going chronology of new suggestions are being duly
 recorded, dated, and documented as to source (including any
"Anonymous" ideas) for future consideration.  Your positive or
constructive criticisms are welcome.

This whole website process for the past four years is what it is
because we have listened to many friends with helpful criticisms
that have been beneficial.  It is still being up-dated weekly. 
 It is not a finished work!

Unlike Ruth Bell Graham’s grave slab:
"End of Construction: Thank you for your patience."

This new website motto could well be: "Beginning of Construction:
Thank You In Advance For Your Participation And Your Patience.

A Nebraska friend responded to my website face book on January 30,
 2011 with this splendid one-liner about Bible Research!

Bill wrote: "I hear people all the time saying 'I wish life had an instruction
What studying Gods Word does for me is --- it gives me that instruction
 manual, with the added bonus of eternal life through Christ!"
I asked: "Do I have your permission to enter it "as is" with John 3:16
and John 16:13 added."
His response:  "You have my permission. After all you were instrumental
 in my early walk with Christ! I will go to the website later!" Bill
Remember the Bible Acrostic?  "Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth!"