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  • Bibles At Cost Best selling Bibles at “the lowest prices in America”.
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    Contact by phone or Web Site: (Chat available.)
    SAMPLE ~ Quick-Reference Guide to the LASB  Gospel of John booklet available ONLY from Bibles at Cost.
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    Sample Quick Reference Guide helpful for FIVE Life Application Study Bibles:


Quick-Reference Research Guide Of Features
  • New Living Translation ~ A Note To Readers – Various Pages
  • Translation Team   ~ Various Pages in each of five versions.


Questions Everyone Asks About God with Answers from John’s Gospel.  
Helpful Hint:  Take time to look up the references elsewhere in John. 

ITheme:   “HOW YOU CAN KNOW GOD”   (Gospel of John only!  Pages vi-xvi)  

1.  What Is Missing In Our Lives?  (The SIN Problem)                      Page V                            
2.  The Solution:  Jesus Christ                                                     Page VII                            
3.  We Put Jesus On The Cross                                                    Pages VII-IX  
4.  The Response: Accept God’s Offer                                        Pages IX~XI
5.  What God Has Done For You                                                Pages XI-XII
6.  Adopted And Assured                                                         Pages XII –XIII
7.  About the LIFE APPLICATION STUDY BIBLE                              Page IX

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2.  Gospel of John Introductory Overview:   [Comparable page locations in all five!]

  • Key Places In John Map [Description of what happened where.]         Page 1           
  • John’s TIMELINE – 37 BC ~ AD 30 [Across the top.]                             Pages 2-3   
  • VITAL STATISTICS  ~ [Left column]                                                    Page  2

1.  Purpose.
2.  Author 
3.  To Whom Written.
4.  Date Written: Probably 85-90 AD
5.  Setting:  Jerusalem in 70 AD.
6.  Key Verses:  John 20:30-31
7.  Key People:  Jesus Pus 8 Individuals & The Disciples
8.  Key Places:  Israel (See Key Places Map – Page 4)
9.  Special Features:  8 Miracles & the  Upper Room Discourse                                              (Over 90% of John is unique to this Gospel).

[This a POWERFUL summary overview of the life and mission of Jesus Christ from Creation to His triumph over the grave in the resurrection.  Read it aloud for yourself or for a study group research using the Gospel of John in the LASB.] 

JOHN’S GOSPEL OVERVIEW ~  Outline & Major Themes                      Page 3  

  •   + The Blueprint  (Outline of John’s Gospel inserted as you read the text.)
  •   + Megathemes:  Main themes, significance, & applications for us today.
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 THE TEXT OF THE GOSPEL OF THE APOSTLE JOHN         . .               (Pages 4-58)  or  [LASB-NLT  2004 = Pages 1746~1802]   

Important Research Strategy ~ Learn HOW TO USE these Special Features:

1. Side Verse by Verse Cross References to like or comparable texts.                                       2. Textual Notes that examine alternative translations. [Rarely used.]                                        3. Ten Thousand Application Footnotes – Lower section of each page under the Scriptures above.  [There are 400 application ideas in John alone.]

  • 4. Ten “In-Text  Maps” in John allow you to follow Christ’s footsteps.  

      [RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT:  Assign numbers from 1-10 to the maps in John               as you do a virtual “walk where Jesus walked” with His disciples.]               
5.  Personality Profiles ~ Get acquainted using Seven Bible Character Profiles. 
     (1) Apostle John – John 13;  (2) John the Baptist – John 1; (3) Nicodemus – John 2  
     (4) Lazarus – John 11; (5) Caiaphas – John 12;   (6) Mary Magdalene – John 19; 
     (7) Thomas – John 20.
6.  Charts -  Five Charts about Christ:  [Put numbers on each chart.]
     (1)  Christ’s Claims – John 5 
     (2)  Christ’s Names – John 11
     (3)  Great Expectations - Christ’s Nine Unexpected Nature Studies – John 12
     (4)  Six Stages of Christ’s Trial – John 18  ~  [Cf. Map also.
     (5)  Christ’s 10 or 11 Resurrection Appearances – John 21

REMEMBER... This Gospel of John Sampler published by Tyndale House Publishers is ONLY available from Bibles At Cost.  Click on the website above.  Tell Gordie or Robbie that "Virgil sent you!"

REMEMBER TOO... That these same features that are included in five LIFE APPLICATION STUDY BIBLES that are on the market:  NLT, NIV, NASB, NKJV, & KJV.   Many people who own one of the above are surprised to learn how valuable these unknown or unused features are as a resource to help you understand contexts, background, historical timelines, maps, explaining difficult words and phrases, and providing a user-friendly way to move easily and naturally from Bible Study into the JOY of Bible RESEARCH!!! 

However, no two Study Bibles are exactly alike!! 
It is a healthy choice to own two or more different version Study Bibles to deepen your understanding from a wider horizon of biblical interpretations.  [See the link entitled "Study Bible Shopping" for a list of 21st Century Study Bibles and a chart comparing their different feature helps.  MAKE A HABIT OF STUDY BIBLE RESEARCH.  Visit our website facebook for sound bite encouragements:  "Study Bibles 4 Dummies"!  It takes one to know one!

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 Author’s Note:  For Research Help Visit Our Website:

  • Good News—Crossway Books: ESV Study Bible ~
    Information about the brand new (2008) English Standard Version Study Bible and their 2011 English Standard Version Student Study Bible.

    & Life Application Study Bibles (5 versions)  ~ Tyndale
    Our personal pastoral experience since 1996 has confirmed in our mind that the research features of the Life Application Study Bible (in the version of your choice) is the best place to begin serious researching for a FIRST STUDY BIBLE as a "New Believer" in order to enjoy the "New Life In Christ, the Living Word," to gain spiritual nourishment, and to grow "in the grace and knowledge of Christ."
            NOTEAugust 1, 2011 Release of the NLT Parallel Study Bible!

    & New Living Translation Study Bible (2008) Advanced researching option of the LASB by Tyndale Publishers -
    NOTICE:  Watch for an August 1, 2011 release date for a new Tyndale product:

    &   New Living Translation Parallel Study Bible
    The 2011 NLT Parallel StudyBible combines the popular Life Application Study Bible and the New Living Translation Study Bible notes (Minus the charts, maps, & profiles).          "An UNPARALLELED TOOL for SPIRITUAL GROWTH."   It makes a handy 2-in-1 portable "Sunday Go To Church" or Small Group Bible Discussion Research Bible.  Purchase your  copy now on-line or at your local bookstore:    ISBN 978-1-4143-4817-9.

    &  Transformation Study Bible -2009  (NLT) - David C. Cook's 2009 Edition by Warren Wiersbe. Author's Evaluation ~  Suitable for Pastor's Sermons & Lay People's Devotional Reading.

Exciting 2011 Bible Research "Gold Mining" Tools!

& ESVSSB 2011 - Crossway's simplification of the original ESVSB.. (White jacket pictured on right.) That is probably why they came out with the 2011 "ESV Student Study Bible" ("ESVSB Jr."?) that came out this summer. (Located in the White jacket on the right in the pic.)

& PSB - 2011 - "The World's First Parallel Study Bible" from Tyndale. It is handy and "user-friendly!" It is my "Place-to-begin-research Study Bible" that has become my "Sermon-Listening" and "Group Study Companion!" It saves me from carrying and manhandling two large study Bibles when I go to church or study groups.

· The PSB is the combination of the LASB and NLTSB. (It does not have the LASB charts, personality profiles, and 200 in-text maps.) I don't use those "on the road or in the pew anyway."

& New International Version Study Bible (1985, 1995, 2002) Zondervan Publishers ~ [The 2008 edition reports an 80% revision of the study notes and that 800 of their 20,000 notes are "completely new." 
“An international Christian communications company with a heart for helping people find and follow Jesus Christ by inspiring them with relevant biblical and spiritual resources.  We do this through our bestselling, award-winning, and life-changing products.”  Web Site:
Zondervan's advance publicity says that 2011 (the 400th anniversary of the KJV)  is available now.  The newly revised NIV text and Study Bible 2011 is arriving at the local bookstores this month. (October 2011)  

 &  Bible Gateway ---  Your gateway to as many as 50 versions in many languages.
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Bible-Applied Links


  •  Dr. William Thrasher, Professor ~ Moody Bible Institute between 1980-1990 & Theological Seminary graduate school faculty since 1990, where he oversees the Master's Program in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship. He is an author of books and articles on subjects related to the Christian's life. He frequently speaks in churches, conferences, and retreats across the county.
  • His books on prayer include:
  • A Journey to Victorious Praying--Finding Discipline and Delight in your Prayer Life, (Moody Publishers - 2003)
  • How to be a Soul Physician: Learning how Christ Meets the Deepest Longings of a Soul through Prayer. (Berea Publishers - 2010)
  • Website:

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Attention! Kids, Parents, & Grandparents!


    Tyndale Research Bibles in the New Living Translation.

& Using the New Living Translation (6.3 Grade "Everyday" Reading Vocabulary) Published by Tyndale House Publishers – Carol Stream, IL.

& Study Bibles are available in the NLT for all ages: children, boys, girls, "tweens", youths, --- an age-friendly Study Bible to have for a lifetime.  Secure an age appropriate Study Bible for your maturing years.   Parents would do well to help their children to learn how to "Dig for the GOLD" in the features that answer their questions at their age level.

&Want to use a CHRONOLOGICAL LIFE APPLICATION STUDY BIBLE along side your favorite Research Bible?  In 2012 Tyndale published their LIFE APPLICATION STUDY BIBLE in a CHRONOLOGICAL FORMAT!  It will help you appreciate the time sequence of the different books of the Bible.  (For instance:  Look for Job at the end of Genesis in the Patriarch Period.  Look for the Epistles when they were written during the expansion of the Church in Acts.  You will find James at the end of Acts 14.  This research approach will add a fresh excitement to your Bible reading and research habit!

What better way to research truth than in God’s Word! The age-appropriate NLT Study Bible with many exciting and creative study features. [Bible Translators around the world find the NLT to be a user-friendly resource in their translation ministry.]


Note: Other 21st Century publishers have links listed above also have age-appropriate gift Bibles for every gift occasion.