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This INDEX of the Study Bible Research Cyber Website is designed to give you a quick-reference "bird's eye overview" --- first, of the total detail of the website contents in chronological order as the subjects or topics of interest appear under the various sidebars and their links. 

Secondly, it is designed to guide you along on the "treasure map" to the features of study Bibles that will help you "mine the gold and treasures of God's living Word." 

Result?  Hopefully you will have a more balanced and comprehensive understanding of what God's Word teaches and what it expects of you in your walk with Christ in His Matthew 11:28 "Yoke!"

NAVIGATIONAL SUGGESTION:  Following the overview of the whole course below you  will encounter four topics, each of which is introduced with a complete study sample of one of the Study Bible research topics.  There will be a list of 10 of what may be of most interest in the recommended topics that can be ordered via e-mail.

SCROLL DOWN the entire list and copy off any items on the list that you might like to order by e-mail.

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Forty Years Of Researched Study Bible Topics

The "Researched Topics" side bar features dozens of topics under four major headings:  (1) Christ; (2) Bible; (3) Prayer; & (4) The Church in Acts Studies.  Each of these four topics includes a single sample study to illustrate what the rest of the studies will be like. 

Ten of the topics in each categories are singled out and numbered as KEY TOPICS of general interest.  They are not a "Bible Study" as such.  They are a compilation of Scriptures brought together on the topic and arranged in chronological order.  They are not applied or interpreted in any way. 

The full force of the Word of God on those topics with the guidance of the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised can have a powerful impact on the researcher.  That impact can be increased by using two or more different versions for different shades of meaning that usually require an "Amplified Bible" or parallel version Bible. 

An additional exercise of benefit is to use a color marker to circle the verse number to make it stand out on the page.  I also find it helpful and very meaningful to hilite key words that impress me as I study.

You will be blessed beyond your expectations by making a habit of using one of the most valuable research tools in your Study Bible --- the index or indexes of your Study Bible. 

This index can be the place for you to begin a serious research study --- especially if you are focusing on a Bible Character, a topic, or a theme.

This may be a new thought to you. 

"Try It  --- I Guarantee That You Will Like It!"

Chronological Quick-Reference Overview List of Topics

Contact us at for e-copies with the "CODE" number of the following

01 Goals

01 “K-I-S-S” ~ Keeping It Super Short ~ Research Option 1

01 Going Deeper Into Study Bible’s “Gold Mine” ~ Option 2

01 Target Audience

01 Study Bible Defined

01 Research Study Contents

01 One-on-One Help

02-A  Research How TOs ~ “K-I-S-S” Method (Contemporary)

02-A  Research How TOs ~ Digging Deeper Research (Traditional)

02-B Seven Research Features

     02-B LASB Feature – 1a Intro Chart

      02-B LASB Feature – 1b 3 Charts

      02-B LASB Feature – 1c Exercises

      02-B LASB Feature – 1d Internet topics

      02-B LASB Feature – 2 Overview Explanations

      02-B LASB Feature – 3 66 Book Intros

      02-B LASB Feature – 4 Character Profiles

      02-B LASB Feature – 5 Maps (3 Kinds)

          + Introductory Overview Maps

          + In-Text Maps

                + Color Maps for Old & New Testaments

      02-B LASB Feature – 6 Charts &  3 Indexes

      02-B LASB Feature – 7 Concordance-Dictionary

03 LASB Future Research Exercises

      03 LASB – Old & New Test. Jesus Charts              03-1

      03 LASB – Bible People Charts                             03-2

      03 LASB – O.T. Teaching Footnotes                      03-3

      03 LASB – Favorite Text Teaching Outlines            03-4

      03 LASB – Key Holy Spirit Texts                           03-5

04 Researched Topics  [Separate Specific Detailed List Below]

    [1] Christ (70 Topics with 10 key recommendations,

         Plus Sample Study –“Christ at the Father’s

         Right Hand” --  21 Texts Researched )

    [2] Bible  (90 Topics with 10 key recommendations

                 Plus Sample Study ~ “God’s  5 biblical

                 ways to say ‘I Love You.’”)

    [3] Prayer (48 Topics with 10 key recommendations,

                 Plus Sample Study – Praying Christ’s

                 Matthew 11:28-30 Back to God)

    [4] Acts Church  (35 of 66 possible e-mailable

                 topics - Plus Sample Study – “The Name

                 Of Jesus Research in Acts”)

05 Inspiring Research Stories

06 Background Research

            [1] Bible About the Bible

            [2] Study Bible History

            [3] Five Study Bible Internet Features

            [4[ Extracurricular Study

            [5] Quotable Quotes & Average Bible Reading Times

07 Bible Library Shelves (Home & Church Libraries)

08 About Author [Bio, Credentials & Passion, Personal

      Study Research History,  Research Website History]

09 Contact Us (Interact by E-mail, Phone, Computers)

10 Related Links (Bible Publishers, Sermons, Devotionals)

11 Index Topics (Quick-Reference Overview List of Topics)



Detailed Listing Of The Four Key Researched

"Treasure Topics"


+ =  Numbers one through ten are  “Author’s-Choice Recommendations” and are e-mailable from the author. (Not prioritized)


++ =  Articles Cross-Referenced from the Acts Church Study Series (04-4  Researched Topics)



[Topics in brackets [0] or “+” are Key Topics of  E-Mailable  Interest

by your request for specific topics at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
They are not in the following order in the list below.]

      [1] The Unique & Universal Christ (Adapted)

      [2]Christ’s Humility (34 Specific Examples)

      [3] “Jesus Christ” in the LASB 2004-(45 Charts)

      [4] 71 Compassion Events in the Life of Christ

      [5] Twenty Predictions of Christ’s Death

      [6] 40 Days That Changed The World

      [7] Twelve “I AMs” in John’s Gospel

      [8] Sixty-one Prayer Topic References

      [9]Christ, the Teacher Role Model

     [10] Christ’s Model of  Fasting  & Prayer



Christ-Focused E-Mailable Articles. (70 Studies)

SAMPLE  TOPICAL RESEARCH BIBLE STUDY ~ 1 ~  Christ At The Right Hand Of The Father In Heaven” (Twenty-One Scripture Texts Quoted – NLT)


Christ’s Uniqueness

   Messianic Prophecies & Fulfillments (LASB, TOB)

[1] The Unique & Universal Christ (Adapted)

[7] Twelve “I AMs” in John’s Gospel

 Christ’s Authority

   Matthew 28:16-20  “The Great Commission”

Christ’s Church (Acts Church Studies)

   How to Pray for the Church Christ Loves (Bulletin)

   The Church Christ Promised To Build --- The Book Of Acts  - 

              The Story Of A Promise Kept!

Christ’s Commission (Commandments)

  15 CO = 82 Commands Obeyed/Obedience (Acts Study)

Christ’s Compassion

[4] 71 Compassion Events in the Life of Christ

Christ the Discipler

   23 Spiritual Maturity Questions (Self-Exam)

Christ’s Example (Model)

[2]Christ’s Humility (34 Specific Examples – Multiplied Texts)

   Christ-likeness --  How The Bible Describes It (

   23 Spiritual Maturity Questions (Self-Exam)

   Christ’s Model & Teaching About Baptism

[9]Christ, the Teacher Role Model -  A Chronology

   Pivotal Days In The Life Of Christ


Christ’s Geography

   Song – Let’s Walk Today Where Jesus Walked (Adaptation)

   Song - The Holy City In History (Adaptation)

Christ And Heaven

   ACTS – Christ in Heaven References (21 References)

   ACTS - Christ at the Father’s Right Hand

   Chart – The Blueprint To Heaven – John 3:16


Christ & the Holy Spirit

   HS55 55  Holy Spirit Ministry-Power  References (Acts)


Christ’s Ministry (Servant)

[3] “Jesus Christ” in the LASB 2004 Key Indexes (45 Charts)

   12 Pivotal Days In The Life Of Christ

[9] “Jesus Christ, the TEACHER” --- A Chronology

   The Servant Christ - Texts

   Poem ~  The Service of Christ

   23 Spiritual Maturity Questions (Self-Exam)

   The Harmonized Miracles of Christ’s Ministry

   The Harmonized Parables of Christ’s Ministry

   Living Word & Written Word Jesus Charts

Christ’s Passion  V

[5] Twenty Predictions of Christ’s Death

[6] 40 Days That Changed The World

    The Lord’s Prayer & The Passion Week

    Gethsemane -  Hofmann’s Painting Interpretation

    Readings – Christ on Maundy Thursday

    CR11 = 11 Christ Rejected (Acts Study)

    CD14 = 14 Christ's Death on the Cross (Acts Study) 

    RT27  =  27  Resurrection Truths Affirmed   (Acts Study)

    The Seven Last Words From the Cross

    The DaVinci Lord’s Supper Drama (Maundy Thursday)

Christ’s Person

    NJ34 =  34  Name of Jesus in Acts

[7] Twelve “I AMs” in John’s Gospel

Christ and Prayer

[8] Sixty-one Prayer Topic References

   Christ’s Prayer Chronology (61 topics)

   Experiencing God – Lord, Teach Me How To Pray

   Prayer Song Words  Our Prayer Answering God – HGTA (Tune)

   Christ’s 11 Requests for His Promised Church in John 17

   Christ’s Intercession at the Right Hand of the Father

   Acts:  Christ in Heaven Study

   Matthew 11:28-30 Prayed Back To God

[10] Christ’s Model of  Fasting  & Prayer

   Living Word & Teacher’s Prayer

   Lord, Teach Me To Pray

   Lord, Teach Me To Pray (Manual)

   Triplet Prayer – Christ’s Model

 Christ’s Promises (See Heaven)

   Acts: &58 SC7 7  Second Coming Hope

 Christ’s Earthly Relationships – Family, Religious Leaders, the Poor

 Christ’s Relationship With Evil (Devil, Demons, Demon Possessed)

   Acts: SA8 = 8 Satan's Actions [Devil and Demons] (Acts Study)

 Christ’s Gift of Salvation

   John 3:16 Blueprint to Heaven

   John 3:16 Prayer-A-Phrase           

 Christ the Servant

   Poem – The Service of Christ

 Christ the Teacher

[9] Jesus Christ, the Teacher --- A  Chronology

    Jesus’ Invitation to Become Our Teacher – Matthew 11:28-30

    Christ’s “Orality” Teaching Style (Parables)[LABC & others]

    Matthew 11:28-30 Prayed Back To God 

Christ’s Travels

    Research History of the Mount of Olives

    Jesus and Jacob’s Well Study

    Christ’s Visits To Jerusalem 

II. BIBLE FOCUSED RESEARCH E-Mailables ~ (90 Studies) 

[Topics in brackets [0] are Key Topics of  E-Mailable Interest by your E-MAIL REQUEST for specific topics at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..]

[1] Bible Versions and Study Bibles in the Last Century

[2] A Year’s Bible Diary & Reading Thru the Bible - Poem

[3] Twelve Basic Memory &* Meditation Verses for Daily Life

[4]The Value of Two Bibles At Once

[5] How Pray In Christ’s Matthew 11:28-30 Yoke

[6] Game Plan for 500 Key Chapters

[7] New Testament 13 Month Reading Plan

[8] Choosing A Bible Version By Reading Level Vocabularies
 [9] Acts 8 ~ Philip's Role Model Evangelistic Encounter

[10] “Best Seller – Least Read” 


Bible Authority

  How Does God View His Word, The Bible? (NLT2 Scriptures Printed Out 

    – Outline of 30 texts)  [See Research Website 06]

  A Bottom-Line Biblical Message & Mission

  H. Blackaby Experiencing God-04 “God Speaks Thru the BIBLE”

  500 Chapter Apologetic 

  Living Word & Written Word - Summary

  A 1930s Poem About The Bible – Mrs. A. L. Holland (Nebraska)

  Acts: & GW55 = 55 God's Word impacting the Church 

Bible Articles

  7-20-06 CT  “Back To The Book”

  7-22-06  CT “Back To The Book”  VVR- interpolated dialogue

  7-22-06  Why I Don’t Read the Bible & CT Back To the Book

Bible Facts

  Bible Questions Rarely Asked

  IRAQ - Bible Facts 2004

Bible Habits

  Questionnaire – Your Bible Study Habits (Can you handle this self-


[2] A Year’s Bible Diary & Reading Thru the Bible - Poem

   Bible Owner-User Questionnaire (3 column) Brochure  11-18-04

   A Living Bible OR a Bible Lived  10-4-06

   Bible Memorization

[3] Twelve Basic Memory &* Meditation Verses for Daily Life

            2006  2 Columns;  3 Columns   4-1-06

   Bible Memory Work in John 4-2-05

   Scriptures to Memorize  12-31-03

Bible Prayers

[5] How Pray In Christ’s Matthew 11:28-30 Yoke (A Prayer To Jesus, Our Teacher)

      2 Peter 1:2-11 Praying Scripture Back To God  9-14-05

Bible Reading

      World’s Best Selling Dust Collector E-M

   Poem -  The Bible Through   8-16-04

      Bible Reading VS Non-Reading   1-22-08

      Key Scriptures about Reading

      Key Scriptures about Hearing & Listening

      500 Chapter Bible Reading Apologetic 1-7-05

[6] Game Plan for 500 Key Chapters – 10-4-06

    500 Key Chapter Bible Reading Outline (Brochure) 10-4-06

[7] New Testament 13 Month Reading Plan  10-04-06

      Jeff Collins – “Every Chapter Reading Plan” Record 1-23-07

“Why I Don’t Read A Bible” ~ A Collection Of  35 Common Excuses/Reasons People Use  7-22-06 3 Col

      Do You Have A Bible Reading Wish List?

      Research about Pastor’s Reading Priorities

      “Dusting Off Your Bible” + Blue Grass Country Song Verse

      Bible Reading Vocabulary Reading Levels UD 1-22-07

      Reading Levels of Various Versions  10-5-06

      Why Most Believers Do Not Read Their Bible? + 9 pp 1-22-07

   My Bible Reading Wishes 2007

   Why I Don’t Read A Bible

      2008 Challenge:   Ministry to Oral Learners ~  Non-Readers “Orality

        Factor” ~ Did you know that 50% of the USA and 60% of the world 

        population do not read?  How can we appreciate and affirm them

           and meet their oral learning style needs?

Bible Reading Plans

[6] Reading 500 Key Chapters of the Bible

            500 Key Bible Chapters – Bro-UD JMT –3-29-05

[7] Reading 260 Chapters of the New Testament in Thirteen Months

      Side-by-Side Bible Study Idea  3-5-05

[10] “Best Seller – Least Read” 1-23-07

[4]The Value of Two Bibles At Once  10-16-06

      Steps to Twin Bible Study  10-4-06, 12-19-05, Bro = 12-22-05; VR Bro

      Side-By-Side Bible Study Idea 3-5-05

Bible Seminars & Workshops

    5-19-05 – LASB John Mini SSB Seminar BRO

Bible Study Plans

      “Steps To Twin Bible Study (Double Your Pleasure)

      2006 How To Do Bible Journaling (Guidelines) 11-11-06

Bible Studies

[9] Acts 8 ~ Philip's Role Model Evangelistic Encounter

      Which Bible To Study  1-22-07 BU   [Visit Research Website 02-C]

      Which Bible to Study & Choose – Reading Levels

      Heart Scriptures – Bul2   9-4-05

      Humility Scriptures Insert  6-5-05

      Bible Versions  [See Research Website 02-C]

      The Bible People Need – The Koine Greek Equivalent

      The Historic Question of a Child in 1955

      Bible Versions – Trivia Quiz 10-14-06

      Enlarged Version Vocabulary Quiz  10-16-06

Study Bibles

      What is A Study Bible (History & Interview) [See Research Website 06]

      Study Bible Learning Levels -  10-15-06

   What Is A STUDIED Study Bible?  [See Research Website “Home” 01]


[8] Choosing A Bible Version By Reading Level Vocabularies

How to Choose A Worthy Study Bible [See Research Website 5 Study

                                      Bible Comparison Chart 02-C]

      How to Enjoy Owning A Studied Study Bible

      Where To Get A Study Bible 4-8-06

Study Bibles – Their History & Features 3 Col Bro 1-20-07

      A Studied Bible Defined  3-27-05

      Life Application Study Bible 7-10-06  Internet Website & 7 Features

      NIVSB Bro – 7-10-06

      NIVSB – NLTLASB – Jesus Charts 

      NIVSB – NLTLASB – Jesus Charts Brochure 12-13-05

Study Bible History

[1] Bible Versions and Study Bibles in the Last Century

   History of English Versions (Jerome to 2004)

      Bible History Timeline 2006 – 12-12-05

      20th & 21st Century Versions & Study Bibles 10-05-06

      An 8 Year-Old’s Question Sparked Simpler Bible Revolution 1-4-06

      Choice of Reading Levels – LASB Covers

      How to become Euphoric or Exuberant about SSB 12-26-05

       Study Bible – PERSONAL (The Author)


   My 50 Year Quest To Find A “Near-Perfect-Bible.”

      50 Year Quest - Bulletin

      Profile of a Studied Study Bible Motivator

      Bible Encourager  EP  2 Col  1-7-05

      Bible ‘Encourager – Not E-mail 1-12-06

      The Seven Wonders Of My Personal Spiritual World

      E-Study Bible background and motivation  6-9-06

      Message & Mission – Bible Texts 11-18-04


III. Prayer-Focused E-Mailable Articles. (48 Studies)


[Topics in brackets [0] or “+” are Key Topics of  E-Mailable  Interest by your request for specific topics.   NOTE: The topics without numbers in the underlined blank are still in research.]



    [Sample on the “04 Researched Topics #3 Prayer Focus” on the  website.]

Prayer Focus Study ~ “CHRIST’S MATTHEW 11:28-30 INVITATION

              "Lord, Teach me how to pray Scripture back to God."

Available by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


 [1]Christ At The Father's Right Hand
2]Christ’s Prayer Chronology – 61 Topic Texts  

 [3]"Lord, Teach Me To Pray"
 [4] Original Biblical Prayer Song ~ "Our Prayer-Answering God"
 [5] The First Prayer God Hears For Our Salvation
 [6] How To Pray For Our Children And Grandchildren
 [7] Christ’s 12 Requests in John 17

 [8] How To Pray For And Feel God's Forgiving Grace
 [9] How To Use The Hymnal As A Prayer Song Book (Make hymns a prayer!)

 [10]How To Pray For Your Church's Spiritual Shepherds

E-mailable Topics: [Not in chrological order as above.]


[2] Christ’s Prayer Chronology – 61 Topic Texts  

    Experiencing God – LTMHTP -- vvr

[3] Lord, Teach Me To Pray - Manual

[4] Prayer Song Words – Our Prayer Answering God-HGTA

[7] Christ’s 12 Requests in John 17

    A Call To Prayer ("Praying The Lord's Prayer" &

               "A Model Prayer To Avoid Prayer Flaws")

[3] "Lord Teach Us To Pray" 

    P-R-A-Y-E-R  Bible Study Acrostic

    "P-R-A-Y-E-R  & The Hymn Book"

      "The Lord's Prayer & The Passion Week"

   "Lord Jesus, Teach Me How To Pray Your `John 17 Prayer'

    For The Church You Love."

    Christ's Gethsemane Prayer - Hofmann "Gethsemane" Interpretation

[1]Christ At The Father's Right Hand
[5] The First Prayer God Hears For Our Salvation
   God's Answer To My First Prayer of Repentance and Faith

   My Prayer For Assurance Of Salvation  [Spiritual Formation]

   My Prayer For Determining The Will Of God

   "Game Plan For Our Daily Devotion" (10 Steps Into God's Presence)

                                [Adapted from John Maxwell's  "Partners In Prayer" ~ Pages 34-49]

   "Prayer Changes People & Things"

[8] How To Pray For And Feel God's Forgiving Grace
      Prayers Of Confession To Restore My Relationship With God

      Prayers of Reconciliation: How To Forgive And Be Forgiven By God & Others

      Prayers of Intercession That Will Help Me To Faithfully Pray For Others.

      How To Form & Use A Prayer Chain In Your Church
      Prayers of Petition For My Own Personal Needs And Family Requests

      "God Has Time To Listen... Do We Have Time To Pray"

      "Lord, Teach Me To Listen To Your Voice And To Recognize Your Leading"

“When God Would Speak: What Are The Competing Voices"  or "Why God Can't Hear Our Prayers?"  The Adversary & Adversaries of Prayer

      Lord, Teach Me How To Pray Scripture!

            Examples:  Philippians 1:9-11; 1:27-2:4; 2:5-11 & 4:4-7

Prayer In Our Everyday Life - Prayer Hymns For Personal Devotions What Happens When Groups Pray

      How To Pray In Groups/Publicly (Group Dynamics)

      Prayer Partners (Matthew 18:20)

      Prayer Triplets  (Billy Graham, Reeve Adaptation - Booklet)

      Prayer Quartets Model 


       Biblical Fasts (30 Old Testament  & 9 New Testament)

       Fasting: General Guidelines

       What To Do With My Time In God's Presence!  (Fasting: "How To")

       Everyone Can "Fast" - 40 Variables To Choose From!

       The Purpose And Reward Of Fasting  &  Why Fast & Pray?

       Prayer Request Outline For A Day of Prayer & Fasting

 [6] How to Pray for our Children and/or Grandchildren.

 [7] How To Use A Prayer Chain (1988) or a Prayer-E-Mail-Chain

   Prayer Pyramids (Fresno Model)

   How To Pray For The Pastor

 [10]How To Pray For Your Church's Spiritual Shepherds
  Extra: "Prayer -- The Prescription For The Troubles Spirit"  &   "Prayer Killers"


IV. The Church Christ Promised To Build  ~ (Matthew 16:18) [4 of 4]

Note: 35 of these 66 Research Studies are  Available By E-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


     Introductory E-mail with paragraphs explaining the following articles.



[Sample on the “04 Researched Topics #4 Church Focus” on the  website.]

  The Name of Jesus in Acts” (# 7 Of 10 Website List 04-4.)


  (10 of 30+ topics available by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)

1.       Introduction to Acts Research Topics & Index

2.       Belief and/or Faith Examples In The First Church

3.       Church Growth Chronology 

4.       Faith Heroes Reaching Out In The First Church (Plus 8 Models Chart) 

5.       The Holy Spirit At Work As Christ Promised in John 14:26

6.       Miracles In The First Church

7.       Name Of Jesus Mentioned In Acts

8.       Prayer Meetings In Acts

9.       Sin Encounters In Acts

10.   God's Word At Work

[Topics in brackets [0] or “+” are 10 Key Topics of  E-Mail  Interest.]
The capitalized letters used at the left are the first letter of the subject references used in the original course of the Book of Acts. The numbers refer to the number of times they appear in the book of acts.

[1]  Introduction to Acts Research Topics & Index

AM15    =  16 Angel Ministry References

AE        =   __Anger Experiences, Expressions, or Episodes

AI         =  __Antagonistic  Individuals

AQ       = __Authority Questions or Issues

[2]  BF57    =  57 Belief/Faith Experiences/Illustrations

BR21    = 21 Biblical Baptistry References

BL24    = 24 Blessing & Benediction Illustrations

CC16    =  17  Christian Conversions  (Individuals)

CD14    =  12  Christ's  Death on the Cross

CH21    =  21  Christ In Heaven

CR11    =  12  Christ Rejected

CB19    =  19  Church Business Responsibility

[3] CG66     =  66  Church Growth

CGR24  =  24  Church Growth Reports

CO82    =  82  Commands Obeyed/Obedience

CT24     =  24  Control Techniques (INCL)

CA11     =  11  Court Appearances

EE58     =  58  Exciting Events INCL

EM24    =  24  Encouraging Ministry Illustrations

[4]  FH24     =  24+  Faith Heroes

GG11    =  11  God's Grace 

GJ 11    =  11  God's Judgment (Warnings)

[10] GW55   =  55  God's Word impacting the Church

GN23    =  23  Good News

GP14    =  14  Guiding Principles ("Life Commandments")

HC30    =  30  House Church References  (Romans = 16)

[5]  HS55 55 = Holy Spirit Ministry-Power  References

IE         =  __  Injustice Experienced (Suffering)

IQ48     =  48  Important Questions

JOG     =  __  Judgment of God (warnings, etc.) e.g.:1:18,20,25; 2:35,40;

                3:23; 5:5,10

31 KG  =  __  Kingdom of God

32 KL   =  __  Key Locations (Geographical)

KU24   =  24  Knowledge & Understanding Texts

LQ?     =  __  Leadership Qualities

MO      =  __  Meal Occasions (e.g.  Acts 1:4 = The REAL `Last Supper’;

                             2:42 & 46)

MT25   =  25  Memorizable Truths ( New International Version Text)

[6]  MA41   =  41  Miracles Recorded in ACTS

MOT    =  __  Ministry of Touch (Ordination)  [Cf. LASB “Touch of Jesus”

                         Mark 5]

[7]  NJ34    =  34  Name of Jesus (Importance & Use Of) [See 04-# 4 on the


ORM   = Introduction to 8 Outreach Models

ORM8 = 8 Outreach Models: Andrew, Philip, Barnabas,  Paul, Timothy, 

                            Lydia,  Dorcas, Stephen

ORM   =  Outreach Ministry Chart

PV8    =  8 Paul's Visions in Acts 9-27

P&P28 =   28  Plots & Persecutions [Paul = 15]

PT       =  _ Positive Thinking (Examples & Influences)

P&W30 =   30  Praise & Worship

[8]  PM27   =  27 "Prayer Meetings" / Experiences

PS31   =  31  Preaching/Sermons References

KEY SERMONS: Peter = (1) 2:14-40; (2) 3:12-26;  (3) 10:34-43 

             Stephen = 7:2-53             

       Paul = (1) 13:16-49;  (2) 17:22-31;  (3) 20:18-35;  (4) 28:23-24

PRSN13 = 13 Prison References  [Paul = 5 of 9 Prisons]

PMK27   = 27 Promises Made/Kept 

PF         = __ Prophecy Fulfilled – e.g.: 1:7, 11,  16, 20

PWR      =  __ Power References (See also Control Techniques)  - e.g.: 

                 3:13; 4:7, 10

RM15     =  15 Reconciliation Ministry  INCL

RD         =  __ Relational Dynamics

RO34     =  34 Religious Opposition by the Jews

RF14     =  14 Repentance & Forgiveness  (Illustrations)

RT27     =  27 Resurrection Truths Affirmed 

R828     =  __ Romans 8:28  Illustration / Documentation.

SA8      =  8 Satan's Actions [Devil and Demons]

SC7      =  7 Second Coming Hope

SAG12  = 12 Seekers After God

[9]  SIN100  = 100 Sin Nature/Problems

SG7I-VII = 7 Spiritual Gifts (Romans 12  Motivational List) 

$T16     = 16 $tewardship Truths (Time, Talent, Tithe)

Tch       = __Teaching Experiences / Illustrations   e.g.: 2:42; 5:21, 28,

                 42; 6:2,4

TI          = __Touch Illustrations/Ministry of

TTA      = __Truth To Apply

UD       = __Unity Demonstrated = Acts 2:42-47 (Cf. Jesus’ Prayer John

                   17:21-3, 25-6)


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