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Who wrote this Cyber Study Bible Research Course?

Virgil With 2 Study Bibles   

Virgil V. Reeve,  M. Div. &  Evelyn K. Reeve ~ MS in Family Life Education

Virgil Reeve is a native of Arizona. He was un-churched until age 12 when he was converted and immersed in a rural Southern Baptist Church in Mississippi.  He was nurtured in his teenage years in a Conservative Baptist Church in Gila Bend,  AZ.  He became a "Study Bible Disciple" when he purchased his first Scofield Reference Bible.  While a student at Moody Bible Institute he was licensed to preach in a North American Baptist Church in Chicago and also while in Greenville College in an American Baptist Church in Greenville, IL.  He was ordained in the Forest Glen Baptist Church, Chicago, IL in 1963.  In preparation for a biblical ministry he attended Moody Bible Institute (Chicago), Greenville College (Illinois), earning a degree in sociology, and a Master of Divinity at the Northern Baptist Seminary in 1963.

Virgil and his wife, Evelyn Jean Koller Reeve, daughter of Dr. Charles W.  and Selma S. Koller [1938-1962 president of Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Chicago] were married August 4, 1961,  Evelyn was a 1955 Graduate of Wheaton College with an MS degree from the University of Illinois in 1960.  During the course of their marriage they have served seven Baptist Churches in five states: Chicago, IL (1963-1968); Keokuk, IA.  (1968-1978); Decatur, IL.  (1978-1984); Fremont, NE. (1984-1990); First Chinese Baptist, Fresno, CA (1990-1995); Ashtabula, OH (1996-2003);  Berwyn, IL (Interim 2004-2005).    

In 2015 the Archives of Dr. Charles W. Koller, author of "Expository Preaching Without Notes" (Now published with the title, "How to Preach Without Notes,") were donated by the Koller family to the Expository Preaching Archive Library at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary of Fort Worth, Texas where they are being digitalized for wider circulation and research.  [If you are interested in more Charles W. Koller  archive facts, Contact Southwestern Baptist Theological  Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX.  If you wish personal information about the Kollers you may "CONTACT US" on this website!]

Virgil is currently a retired Baptist pastor and Bible expositor with more than fifty years in Study Bible-focused Christian Ministry. In spite of all of his years of Study Bible Research, Virgil remembers well that once he was a "BIBLE DUMMY" and even now he still feels like he is just "scratching the surface" of all the treasures that Study Bible Research has to offer! 

In 2016 Evelyn & Virgil have been involved in reading out loud together from the Life Application NLT Study Bible and the Biblica NIV New Testament ( in September and October).  Oral sharing of Scripture was the only way it could be done until the last two centuries.   We are really enjoying this together for the first time in our 55 years of marriage!  (Now we wish we had started much earlier with our two children.)

Virgil's eternal goal and passion is to continue his Study Bible Research Discipleship in heaven at the feet of Jesus Christ with access to all the authors of the Bible and the Bible heroes mentioned in Scripture.

Virgil has participated in and enjoyed Bible Study Fellowship International "Gospel of John & Isaiah" in 2009~2011. 

Their retirement travels have given them opportunities to "spread the Good News" with LASB leaflets, Gospel of Johns, and Study Bibles about  how to use Study Bibles and their features in Europe, Russia, Panama, Mexico City,and Central America.  They spent two weeks in Mexico City in 2009 with Latin American Missions MILAMEX leaders.  We conducted 12 sessions of "How To Use The Seven Features of the Biblia del Dario Vivir" (Life Application Study Bible) in a book store and with four different evangelical denominational workshops.   "Have Researched Study Bibles -- will travel."

Evelyn and Virgil have been actively involved at the College Church of Wheaton, Illinois since 2006.  See why Study Bible research is important.

They currently reside at the Windsor Park Retirement Center in Carol Stream, IL.

      [Detailed evidence is found below!]

The Author’s Credentials and Passion:

  • 60 years using seven Study Bibles in as many versions in personal Bible study research.
  • 41 years of Study Bible Research to prepare expository sermons and lead Bible Studies in the churches he served.
  • 15 years of “Studied Study Bible” Workshops in:  Ashtabula, OH – 1996-2003 & 2008; Jefferson Ohio – 1996; Fremont, NE – 2004; Berwyn, IL – 2004-2005;  Elgin, IL – 2008; Wheaton College Church Adult Class – April-May, 2008; New Living Translation Study Bible Demonstration Workshop at Ashtabula Ohio – June 2010.
  • Website at www.studiedbible.org since 2007 recording 6000+ “downloads.”
  • Currently updating 2011 “STUDY BIBLE RESEARCH” cyber course: www.studiedbible.org.
  • PASSIONATE about helping you "connect-the-Study-Bible-dots" in Bible Research!
 My "Great Commission" Retirement Passion Scriptural Mandate

Common sense should dictate that: "After the "New Birth" the "New Life in Christ" needs New Nourishment!"  Serious Study Bible Research is the most user-friendly way to do just that!

&  Jesus invites all followers to be His pupils: "Let Me Teach You!" Matthew 11:29 NLT
&  Jesus challenged His followers to "Search the Scriptures" to find Him. John 5:39
& Paul challenged his youthful disciple, Timothy, to study Scripture be able to "correctly explain the Word of Truth." 2 Timothy 2:15 NLT  [See also 2 Timothy 3:10; 14-17; 2:1-2]
& Peter’s gave this advice for New Believers in 1 Peter 2:2: "Like newborn babies, you must crave pure spiritual milk so that you will grow into a full experience of salvation. Cry out for this nourishment, now that you have had a taste of the Lord’s kindness." NLT
& Peter’s last words of admonition are: "You must grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." 2 Peter 3:18 NLT
& Christ’s final words about "spiritual growth" come in "The Great Commission" of Matthew 28:20: "Teach the new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age." NLT
  • In my youth in Arizona I was challenged by Isaiah’s response when the Lord asked him (6:8): "Whom should I send as a messenger to this people? Who will Go for us?" NLT
  • In the early 1950s I penned Isaiah’s response in red on the blank pages in front of my first Study Bible and then underlined his words as my own personal commitment to serve God to the ends of the earth: "Here am I, Send me!"
  • Now in retirement by means of our www.studiedbible.org website, as never before in history, I feel that I can more fully obey Jesus Christ’s "Great Commission!"  

   Virgil V. Reeve

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Virgil says that he sincerely wants the Holy Spirit's John 14:26 ministry to validate this Cyber Study Bible Research website course of study for Bible readers at every age level.

 What is the Bible ?  BIBLE: Basic-Instruction-Before-Leaving-Earth!

  Jesus Promised:  "Heaven and earth will disappear, but My words will never disappear."   
    Matthew 24:35 NLT  ~  Eternity Reality Check:  "Are we ready to meet Jesus Christ as our Teacher and Judge yet?"  Eternal Question:  “What part of God’s Word applied will go with us to heaven?

 Our Prayer:  Lord Jesus, Your Matthew 11:28-30 invitation for us to "learn from You" indicates that we need to join You in Your yoke daily.  In John 5:39 You, Lord Jesus Christ, said that the "Scriptures point to me!" [NLT]   
Lord, we pray that You will give every follower of Your John 14:6 "way" a fresh vision of Yourself as the "Living Word" in the pages of Your "Written Word"!  In Your Name We Pray. 

© by Virgil Reeve ~ 2010.  All rights reserved, but permission is granted for the free use where Jesus Christ is the Matthew 11:28-30 "Teacher" and the goal is: "all to the glory of God!"  1 Corinthians 10:31.

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    Author's Bible Research Autobiography

    All you might not be interested to know and might not think to ask!

    CAUTION.... You might find it boring!

             & &

    List of Topics

    1.  Our Bible Research Historical Chronology.
    2.  Our Personal Website Development History.
    3.  Our
    www.studiedbible.org History.
    4. Our introductory "Gospel of John" Distribution & Workshop History (2004-2010)
    5.  Our new FACEBOOK address:  "Study Bibles 4 Dummies."

    1. Bible Research Chronology
    of Virgil V. Reeve, M. Div.

    Personal Research Bible Use ["GRL" = Grade Reading Level]
    1952~1967 – Scofield Reference Bible – KJV (14th Grade Reading Level – "GRL")
    1967~1982 – New Scofield Reference Bible
    1981 – Received KJV Thompson Chain Reference Bible from Rev. Tom Lide of Gulf Breeze, FL.
    1981 - Tyndale’s Living Study Bible edited by Harold Lindsell
    1982~1992 – The Open Bible - New King James (NKJV ~ 10th GRL)
    1990 – Life Application Study Bible – Living Bible Edition (7.8 GRL)
    1992~1997 – New International Version Study Bible (NIV ~ 8th GRL)
    1996~2004 – New Living Translation Life Application Study Bible (NLT ~ 6.3 GRL)
    2004~2010 – New Living Translation Life Application Study Bible  (2004 Edition – 20% update changes.)
    2008~2010 – New Living Translation Study Bible - 2008
    2008~2010 – English Standard Version Study Bible (ESV – 8th GRL)
    2012        - Chronological Life Application Study Bible (NLT - Tyndale)

    2. Personal Research Bible Website History

    • 1982~1995 – Prepared user-friendly hand-outs to help Study Bible owners in the churches we served to use the features for The Open Bible and New Internal Version Study Bibles.
    • 2003 – March 23 – Ken and Mark Taylor encouraged us to consider going to observe an interactive LASB Bible Study Research seminar with Jim Moffett of Palmyra, NJ to learn how to teach the use of the LASB features to pastors and laymen.
    • 2004 - Traveled with Bruce Barton, one of the 1996 LASB Senior editorial team, (now with Livingstone Corporation of Carol Stream) to Honduras to observe 3 interactive seminars using the Spanish edition of Biblia Del Diario Vivir (Nelson).
    • 2004 - First Baptist Church of Fremont Nebraska (where we pastored from 1984-1990) ~ Led our first two "Double Your Bible Study Pleasure" features training workshops using the LASB Gospel of John as our research text with "Quick Reference" guide inserts glued into the booklets to encourage intelligent use of the seven LASB features.
    • 2005 – Began working toward using e-mails to encourage people to find study-friendly ways to "Double Your Bible Study Pleasure" by researching the study Bible features using TWO or more Bibles at once -- using your favorite Bible plus, hopefully, TWO STUDY BIBLES. (We introduced some of these research ideas at mid-week study sessions to the Oak Park Baptist Church of Berwyn, IL in 2004-5 where we were the interim pastor.)
    & & &

    3. www.studiedbible.org
    Website Chronological History

    • 2007 - February 19, 2007 we first launched our own internet website at www.studiedbible.org using Microsoft's "FrontPage" publisher.
    • 2007 - March to July our webmaster made the necessary up-date changes when "Front Page" ended its service and we started over.
    • 2007 – July 28 We installed a statistics counter to observe site activity. In two months it recorded 277 "hits." [By the end of 2010 it had recorded over 5000 "hits" before the 2010 Edition of the website.]
    • 2007 - On a cruise through the Panama Canal we taught two workshops to a total of about 12-15 people on how to use the LASB Gospel of John’s Features with quick-reference outlines of the features glued inside the covers of the gospel.
    • 2007 – September 5 the 2007 Edition of www.studiedbible.org updated with a major revision. By the end of 2007 the StatCounter had recorded over 700 "hits."
    • 2008 – October - Secured NLTSB & ESBSB ~ After securing the New Living Translation Study Bible and the English Standard Version Study Bible we visited the First Baptist Church of Ashtabula, Ohio where we had first introduced the LASB with workshops and printed hand-outs in 1996. We did a 2008 up-date of the Study Bibles available with a display table at an open house followed by an up-date workshop for interested friends.
    • 2008 – Summer Russian Ministries Volga cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg giving out about 12 LASB Gospels of John with our quick reference features use guidelines glued inside the covers.
    • 2009 – February 16 – Hamilton, IL & Keokuk, IA Home Study Group workshop introducing the Gospel of John LASB in the Larry Sipes Home with 15 friends from our 1968-1978 pastorate.
    • 2009 - Biblia del Diario Vivir series of 12 workshops with MILAMEX (Latin American Mission) in and around Mexico City in 5 different locations (including 4 different evangelical groups).
    • 2009 - Mediterranean Cruise to "Sail Where Paul Sailed, Walked, and Prayed" in Italy sharing our passion for Bible Research with fellow travelers on board.
    • 2010 - Ashtabula, Ohio (1996-2003 Pastorate) – NLTSB Genesis Workshop. In June FBC celebrated its 185th Anniversary where we were given an opportunity to have an introductory workshop of the New Living Translation Study Bible book of Genesis with its very fine illustrated guidelines for using the NLTSB incorporated in the Study Bible.
    • 2010 – August – The Kids Study Bible ~ Discovered a new Tyndale product age 8-13 appropriate Kid’s Study Bible for a grandchild! Prepared a quick-reference user-friendly insert to help navigate its fabulous research features for children. Great for the kids for a gift occasion. I own it, have given it, and I highly recommend it!
    • 2010 – Summer – We updated our 2009 www.studiedbible.org website with a dramatic new and expanded and user-friendly navigation of our research features. It is still being up-dated regularly.
    • 2010 – As of 12-15-10 the website has undergone its last update (hopefully) until the 2011 edition is ready to go on-line.
    • 2011 - The 2011 Edition of the website is operational and is still being updated as of mid-February.  So far it has entertained 1600 "hits" (downloads) since last August.
      2012 - Began a "Facebook" account to encourage people to end their "biblical dummie days" and explore our websote at: www.studiedbible.org.
      2012 - As of 7-16-12 our website has entertained 8281 downloads.

    4. Summary of our History of LASB Gospel of John Distribution
      (The Gospel of John was distributed with quick reference guide inserts glued inside the covers.  Regretably it is no longer in print or available.)
    2004 – Honduras (Witnessed 3 different 3 day 3 hour interactive seminars where 850 Spanish LASBs were distributed).
    2004 – Fremont (Two Gospel of John workshop sessions – about 100 persons)
    2004 – Danube Cruise in Europe – Selective distribution – one on one cases.
    2005 – Baptist World Alliance in London
    2006 – Baltic Sea Cruise including St. Petersburg, Russia (Individual distribution of about 12 copies of LASB of John. [Also gave 3 full copies of LASB to a pastor in Oslo, Norway, a ship steward, and a leader of the ship staff who was a believer for his Bible Study group.]
    2007 – Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, (LASB Gospel of Johns provided for two separate workshops on board to a total of about 15 persons.)
    2008 – March 1 – Area 1 two session workshops at Elgin, IL FBC (About 20 persons)
    A number of laptop floppies of the course were distributed to those interested.
    2008 – April & May – College Church four week Adult Study sessions: LASB-John (about 25 persons) focusing on how to enjoy its features (footnotes, maps, charts, & character studies) while focusing on four key chapters: John 1, 3, 14, & 17.
    2008 – Volga River from Moscow to St. Petersburg. (Distributed about 20 copies. )
    2008 – FBC of Park Ridge, IL. pulpit supply distributing 40 Gospel of Johns for a John 17 sermon demonstrating interactively the seven LASB Study Bible features.
    2009 – February ~ A Hamilton, IL (Keokuk area) LASB John home study with 15 1968-1978 friends.
    2009 – Mexico – 12 workshops at the Mexico City Maranatha Bookstore staff (60 persons); at 4 different pastoral denominational workshops, (Christian Missionary Alliance, Pentecostal, Baptist, & Assembly of God) plus 5 morning sessions of in-depth presentations at the MILAMEX headquarters staff of 13, plus 3 home study groups with about 15 persons in attendance in the MILAMEX director’s residence.

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